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COWTEC® Features

  • COWTEC® proprietary technology has been implemented for more than 10 years in Thailand. COWTEC® utilizes a technology that has a long and successful track record, and has a lower operating risk and cost than alternative technologies.
  • Mobile and compact, the COWTEC® Composting & Biogas Production Machine minimizes land use and can fit into small service or support areas
  • COWTEC® machines can be operated using alternative energy sources due to its low power needs. Even suitable for rural areas where there is little or no electricity sources.
  • The airtight design ensures no fouls smells or bad odors in the surrounding areas
  • Simplicity and easy-of-use means a lower degree of specialized skills is required
  • Variable and flexible upgrading of production scale from a single unit to multiple units to suit your company’s needs.
  • COWTEC® organic waste-to-renewable energy & organic fertilizer conversion process is highly flexible and allows for the conversion of a wide variety of waste into renewable by-products, including:
    • Garden & Yards Wastes
      • Grass and tree branches from municipal and private contractors
      • Urban wood waste such as wood from tree cover
    • Agricultural & Agro residues
      • Feed residues, such as stalks, stems, leaves, left in field after harvest
      • Process residues left over from processing crop into usable product
      • Animal wastes
    • Kitchen and Canteen Wastes
      • Organic wastes from households, canteens, food factories, etc

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